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Surveys and Registries

We specialize in surveys and registries comprising thousands of participants.
We have vast experience in preparing the infrastructure for a survey, choosing suitable medical centers, organizing conferences, technical support in data collection and quality testing on completion of the survey or registry




Sample Projects

ICD Registry

National Registry of the Israel Society for Electrophysiology, supported by the Ministry of Health , Clalit Health Fund and pharma companies. All Israeli Electrophysiology Departments participate in the Registry which includes information on patients who have undergone implantation of defibrillators (CRTD and ICD)

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A national survey conducted every 3 years, initiated by the Israeli Society for Intensive Cardiac Care together with the Ministry of Health, the Israel Center for Cardiovascular Research (ICCR) and Pharma companies. A broad based survey that includes information on patients hospitalized in cardiology departments throughout Israel following a critical coronary event.

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A national survey conducted once every three years initiated by the Israeli Neurology Society, Ministry of Health and the ICCR together with pharma companies. A broad based survey covering patients diagnosed for stroke hospitalized in Israeli hospitals.

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Autism Registry

A multicenter Registry initiated by Bar Ilan University Researchers that includes patients diagnosed as suffering from autism and treated throughout the community.

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Oncology Registry

A multicenter Registry initiated by the Society for Lung Cancer that gathers information on lung cancer patients in Oncology Departments of hospitals.

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CMP - Sheba Cardiomyopathy Registry

Nonischemic cardiomyopathies are a group of diseases of the heart muscle often resulting in congestive heart failure and death and are currently on the increase. About 50% of patients who experienced sudden death syndrome in their childhood or at an older age or undergo heart transplant suffer from cardiomyopathy CMP.

The classic division of cardiomyopathies is based on their morphological characteristics and hemodynamics – hypertrophic cardiomyopathy HCM, and dilated cardiomyopathy DCM and restrictive cardiomyopathy and Restrictive amyloidosisRCM. Cardiomyopathies are acquired or inherited diseases. Cardiac amyloidosis is a type of restrictive cardiomyopathy and in the past was considered a rare disease following development of amyloid fibrils non soluble in intercellular space it is becoming increasingly better known due to improved clinical awareness and imaging methods.

The primary objective of the registry is to establish basic data on CMP of varying types and to create a more accurate picture relating to ways of diagnosis, the natural course of the disease and epidemiological aspects of the disease.

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CLICS is a national registry, multicenter prospective study initiated by the Israeli Society for Interventional Cardiology together with the National Center for Monitoring Diseases. The Registry includes patients who have been hospitalized in catheterization departments for cardiac and peripheral catheterizations. The survey started on Nov 1, 2018 and continued for 30 days. The survey included approx. 4000 patients who underwent catheterization in Israeli hospitals during this period. The aim of the survey was to obtain an updated picture of the state of ablation treatment in Israel for patients with AF, identify ranges of treatment, their outcomes, varying results and characteristics relating to the relapse of the disease.

An additional similar survey is planned for November 2020.

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ICAR - Israeli Catheter Ablation Registry

ICAR is a national prospective multicenter registry, run by the Israeli Heart Society's members. 

Atrial fibrillation (AF) affects 1-2 percent of the general population of the western world. Disease frequency rises with age and accompanying morbidity.

It includes patients who have undergone RF ablation or cardio ablation for treatment of atrial fibrillation in all Israeli medical centers performing these procedures. 

AF treatment should reduce symptoms and prevent complications related to the fibrillation.  Therapy includes anticoagulants, medications to control heart rhythm, electric shock or radiofrequency ablation.

Cardiac ablation via catheterization is performed through radio waves RF or by freezing – cryoablation.

The ICAR Registry aims to achieve an updated picture of ablation treatment  in patients with AF, to identify the AF its consequences and characteristics related to the relapse of the disease.

Enrollment should take 3 years with an expected 3000 cases.

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Isra Macs Registry

Left and/or right ventricular implanted assist devices

LVAD / RVAD have become everyday devices in local and international medical centers that are involved in heart transplantations.

For most these implanted devices act as a bridging alternative for those patients who often have a long wait for heart transplantation. Often the devices are used as a permanent alternative and often the only option for some heart failure patients.

In recent times medical centers who do not conduct heart transplants have started implanting these devices. The National Council for Heart Diseases in Israel took a decision to allow centers that do not perform heart transplants to perform implantations of assist devices. On the 18 May 2018 the council took a decision to establish a Registry that will be managed under the Israeli Society for Cardiac Surgery in collaboration with the Israel Heart Society.

The Registry will be based on existing forms that were established by IMACS

The Registry will include all past long term LVAD and RVAD implantations in Israeli medical centers – Sheba, Beilinson, Schneider, Ichilov, Rambam, Hadassah, Shaare Tzedek and every future center that will begin implantation of these devices. The Registry will be long term and include the collecting and recording of all follow up data, episodes and hospitalizations and deaths of these patients.

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Israeli National registry of patients undergoing successful resuscitation due to cardiac arrest and undergoing targeted temperature management

The Israel Heart Society has for many years collected data that has been used as a measure for checking the quality of different treatments and for research performed in the Israel Center for Cardiovascular Research

This process will facilitate the efficient performance of the current study – a prospective registry which will include all patients who have undergone resuscitation successfully to spontaneous rhythm, that were hospitalized in an ICCUand underwent targeted temperature management (TTM)

TTM is a standard treatment for patients undergoing successful resuscitation due to cardiac arrest and undergoing targeted temperature management.

Controversy exists concerning the mix of the patients that underwent the treatment and the methods of cooling.  Most of the existing studies were done by Scandinavian researchers and there are very limited multicenter studies .

On account of the lack of a broad knowledge base and the prevailing controversy, this current study should provide a substantial international information base.  In addition, the study has importance with regard to creating a wider base for standardized treatment in Israel.

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