• The clinical study management at ICCR provides the highest quality research platform for clinical studies with 24/7 technical support that ensured to bring our clinical trial to success. I highly recommend this group for research collaborations.

    Prof. Valentina Kutyifa
    University of Rochester Medical Center

  • "The ICCR work ethic is most professional, comprising open discussions of a high scientific standard, including innovative data analysis and excellent advanced statistical methodology."

    Prof Shlomi Matetzky, Director, Intensive Cardiac Care

  • "Collaboration with the ICCR enabled our promotion of database research projects. The team is professional and most cooperative. It pays to work with the ICCR"

    Prof Ehud Grossman, Director Internal Medicine, Sheba Medical Center

  • "The ICCR gives the initial and continuing support to research studies (planning, submission of forms to ethics committees), data collection though electronic forms and analysis via suitable statistical methodology."

    Prof David Tenne, Director, Stroke Center, Rambam Medical Center, Haifa 
    Head of Israel Neurology Society

  • "The ICCR closely collaborates with the Israeli Society for Intensive Cardiac Care within the framework of multi surveys of serious coronary events over a 16 year period (ACSIS surveys)"

    Dr Zaza Yakovshvili; Director, Cardiology Division, Clalit Medical Fund, Tel Aviv-Yafo

  • Highly recommend the ICCR's ability to manage clinical research studies, registries and data
    analysis as well as providing high quality statistical analyses.

    Prof. Ehud Raanani
    Director of the Leviev Cardiovascular and Thoracic Center


Research Study Management

We manage research studies for independent investigators and small and medium sized companies in Israel and abroad.  Our center collaborates with well known local and international physicians researchers and institutions such as the Israel Heart Society, the Israel Neurological Society and the Israel Ministry of Health.

Surveys and Registries

We specialize in surveys and registries comprising thousands of participants.
We have vast experience in preparing the infrastructure for a survey, choosing suitable medical centers, organizing conferences, technical support in data collection and quality testing on completion of the survey or registry

Information Bases

Survey and clinical research study results are stored on the center’s servers according to the client’s requests. The data is stored in coded unidentifiable files  or according to the type or nature of the survey or study.  The ICCR staff are available for technical support, programming and statistical analysis.

The Center is used for archiving of study forms according to GCP and Helsinki guidelines.


The statistics departments provides support in each stage of the study from its inception to data analysis and publication of findings.

Scientific Publications

We provide scientific writing in the form of study protocols, informed consent forms, guidelines, methodology and correspondence with the committees of the institution

Instruction and Courses

We offer applied instruction in biostatistics for physicians and study personnel. Seminars and courses are offered quarterly.

About Us

The ICCR: 

  • Is engaged in project planning, administration and supervision of international and local multicenter clinical trials. Data evaluation and analysis are performed by our statistical unit to review results of the manuscripts prepared, submitted and successfully published by the Center in prestigious scientific journals. 
  • Has effectively advanced its cardiovascular research program through fruitful collaboration of different departments and medical centers locally and abroad and exemplifies an effective model for research in a variety of medical fields.
  • Has recently broadened its platform to include research management, surveys and registries on a wide range of topics in life sciences and medicine over and above cardiovascular medicine such as: autism, oncology, psoriasis etc.
  • Conducts courses on biostatistics and runs seminars on research planning vital to our clientele.
  • Board of Directors:
    Chairman: Prof Amit Segev
    Deputy Chairman: Prof Alon Barsheshet